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We only sell premium quality herbal incense & herbal blends which are intended to make you feel relaxed, mellow and chilled out. We currently have 2 herbal incense products: D-Benley and B-Maybach . The herbal smoking incense  that we sell are fully legal & not covered by any bans in the UK & USA. Our hebal incense blends contain no illegal substances. We aim to post out orders discreetly within 24 working hours of ordering.  If you have any question please do not hesitate to email us here or chat with us on Skype: My status

Featured Herbal Smoking Incenses
B-Maybach Herbal Incense
B-Maybach Herbal Smoking Mix
D-Bentley Herbal Incense
D-Bentley Herbal Smoking Mix
This is our own original quality
premium herbal incense which
is a combination of herbs and
extracts, containing damaina
& leonotis leonurus. It
produces an enduring sense of
relaxation and happiness.
B-Maybach herbal Incense is
designed to elevate your
mood by putting a smile on
your face. This unique
premium smoking blend
is only currently available from
our company.
D-Bentley Herbal Smoking
Mixture will help you get your
hair down & chill out. It
contains dream herb,
potpourri & other herbal
extracts. This herbal incense
will not disappoint you!
Our D-Blentley herbal blend
will uplift you and take you to
another dimension. If you
need something to help
you relax, socialize or highly
appreciate music then
smoking mixture is for you.

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